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End of Summer Grilling Must Have's for Me!
End of Summer Grilling Must Have’s for Me!

As summer comes to an end it’s time to start thinking about school, fall bowhunting, and before we know it, the holidays. It’s crazy to think how fast the year has flown by, but there’s no reason to not enjoy every second we have left.

We still have some summer remaining and lots of sunshine to enjoy, so let’s make the most out of it!

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Three Must Have Boots For Fall Hiking

The leaves are turning! And the temps are cool enough to hike for miles without becoming overheated.

As a hunter I get to experience the best of all seasons. But sometimes I want to just explore, and see what’s over the next hill, what’s down the next trail…
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Gear Review: Remington 783

Welcome back outdoors world, thank you for stopping by! If you look back at an article I wrote early last year, you know after my research, I purchased a Remington Arms Model 783 7mm. I had high expectations for this gun, all I needed was some time in the woods with this firearm to confirm I’d made the right choice. Here is what I learned.

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Gear Review: Zippo Outdoors Rugged Lantern

Let’s face it – every outdoorsman needs a good, durable, lantern. For those of us who spend time on the water at in the dark, wouldn’t a waterproof lantern that floats be just ticket? A lantern that floats. Sound like I am I asking for too much? Read More

Gear Review: 2014 PSE Dream Season DNA SP

2013 PSE Dream Season DNA was a very popular bow; they manufactured a new riser that was stronger and lighter but still managed to push the super-fast IBO speeds PSE is known for.

But for most of us, a smooth draw is what we really want, and as a woman, I don’t want to have to fight with what in my opinion was an overly aggressive cam. Read More

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