6 Last Minute Christmas Gifts! Carrie Z’s Holiday Buying Guide for the Outdoorsman

Carrie Z’s Holiday Buying Guide for the Outdoorsman

Christmas has utterly snuck up on me. And if you’re still looking for some last minutes presents for the outdoorsmen in your life I’ve got 6 I’d highly recommend.

Ok let’s start with the biggest and baddest of them all.

#1. Cabela’s Heavy-Duty Vacuum Sealer : Cabela’s regularly $99.99.

I mean seriously, for $100 this is a STEAL (even better when it’s on sale!). We all know someone who needs this.

Or maybe you need this.

Yes, you definitely need this….

Click on the image below for sale details.


#2. Spypoint Trail Cameras

Spypoint has been a sponsor of the HuntFishTravel Podcast for a few years, I absolutely love their trail cameras. Recently they released the LM2 and the FLEX-S. I’m working on videos reviewing both of these cameras, so be sure to subscribe to this blog (scroll to the bottom and enter your email address in the widget) or to my youtube channel.

These are easy wins for the outdoorsman in your life, and a win for your pocketbook since they are all on sale!


#3. SHE Outdoor Waypoint Waterproof Hunting Boots for Ladies : Cabela’s regularly $119.99.

One of the most common questions I get from women who love the outdoors….is about footwear. I’ll be honest, I don’t care about name brands. I don’t. I care about my checkbook and I care about functionality.

HuntFishTravel has never had a boot sponsor, I’ve turned down two offers. And the only reason is that I’ve been wearing the same cold weather boots for almost twenty years. I can’t even tell you the brand because the logo has worn off. I think they were Men’s LaCrosse. Because back then there were only a few brands to choose from and surprise…none of them offered a women’s line. Many, many moons ago I bought a pair of men’s Cabela’s turkey hunting boots, and they were awesome. But then a few years ago, I picked up a pair of Cabela’s SHE Outdoors boots. I don’t know that they fit any differently than a pair of men’s boots, but it is nice being able to purchase something specifically for women. The design is a little different now, but I wanted to include them as they’ve lasted a long time and have really worked well for me personally.

And they’re only a hundred and thirty bucks, instead of a three hundred percent markup because chicks buy them (SCORE)!

Click on the image below for sale details.

Buy these boots, they are awesome and won't break the bank!


#4. Cabela’s Mountain Trapper 0°F Sleeping Bag : Cabela’s regularly $129.99

Warm, snuggly, cushy, did I mention soft? I bought one of the Cabela’s sleeping bags eons ago, and then about five years ago I bought another one, last year I bought two more. I can’t even explain how much I love this sleeping bag. And the price has been the same for ten years. Which is weird and awesome at the same time.

Click on the image below for sale details.

Super snuggly warmth right here folks!



#5. Cabela’s Women’s Premium Breathable Stockingfoot Fishing Waders : Cabela’s $111.97 – on clearance so don’t wait!!

Another great piece of gear I picked up not too long ago was a pair of waders. I totally decided I was going to be the next big steelhead slayer this past spring… I actually did get out a few times before real life reminded me that there are only so many hours in the weekend.

BUT the few times I was able to get out it was cold, I wore thermal leggings and a pair of heavy-duty socks.

Click on the image below for sale details.

They're ugly I know, but worth every penny...



Anyone who listens to the podcast or reads the blog, or heck even follows me on social media knows I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs when it comes to ice fishing. Hardwater is my jam!!!!

I purchased the Striker Ice jacket and bibs a few years ago and I practically live in them once the temps fall below 15!

Striker Ice™ Men's Climate Jacket  Striker Ice™ Men's Hardwater Bibs – Regular

I mean, I caught my biggest steelhead to date wearing my trusty striker ice suit!  

Carrie Zylka - HuntFishTravel Podcast Steelhead caught through the ice in Wisconsin.


#6. Summit Viper Steel Climbing Treestand

How do you know he’s a keeper? He buys you a climber for Valentine’s Day that’s how!

This climber is awesome, women don’t have the upper body strength that men do, so climbers have always been a no-go for me. When he bought it I was blown away, but then I thought “oooo now I have to use it”. I was happily surprised to find out it was easy to use. It weighs around 30# so I had to readjust my backpack and all the snacks I took with me into the woods, but what a difference it made.

I was used to carting around a 22# blind, so this wasn’t too much extra, but the sitting above instead of inside a blind was a world or difference.


Summit Viper Steel Climbing Treestand


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