ATN-DNVM-4 Gear Review by Lindsay Alm

My husband and I recently took the ATN DNVM-4 digital night vision monocular into the field for testing and were quite pleased with what we found.  The DNVM-4 is part of the ATN night vision family of entry level digital monoculars which also includes the DNVM-2 and DNVM-6 models.  The three models are all the same product except for having different objective lenses that provide various zoom capabilities.  The DNVM-4 is the mid-range model featuring a 42 mm lens delivering 4x magnification.

ATN-DNVM-4 Review 001We found the DNVM-4 to be a good choice for anyone on a budget who is looking for basic night vision capabilities.  The device is easy to operate with two buttons conveniently located on top for power and infrared (IR) illumination control.  Two color coded LEDs located near the eyepiece display the on/off status for the power button and IR illuminator (green indicates the power status and red the IR).  The built-in IR illuminator was very effective for shorter ranges, however, due to the nature of the monocular having 4x zoom, we did not find it to be particularly useful in most situations.  Because the monocular is optimized to view objects outside of the effective range of the IR illuminator, we would recommend using an additional, high power IR illuminator for use on nights with low ambient light.  It is important to mention that the built-in illuminator does put off a small amount of visible red light that could be easily detected without the aid of night vision equipment.

Included with the DNVM-4 package is a lens cover with a small opening for daytime operation.  A brightness knob, located on the side of the monocular, manually controls the brightness levels of the device.  We found it necessary to adjust the brightness level anytime there was a substantial change in lighting in order to keep the image from appearing too dark or washed out.  Being a digital device, it has the advantage of not becoming damaged by exposure to bright light as is the case with other comparable Gen 1 night vision devices.

Overall, we thought ATN has done a nice job with this entry level monocular.  The image produced is comparable to that of other entry level, digital monoculars, meaning it will show some “noise” under most conditions.  We were impressed with the overall clarity of the image and did not notice much barrel distortion that is common with similarly priced standard night vision devices.

Lindsay is co-owner of, an E-Commerce store that specializes in night vision, along with her husband Adam, an Air Force pilot.  She has a background in Sport Management with an MBA in Organizational Leadership and formerly worked for USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) in Colorado Springs.  A self-proclaimed fitness and sports fanatic, she was a successful competitive swimmer in college and since has taken up skiing with a vengeance.  She loves a good cup of coffee, baking to satisfy her husband’s sweet tooth, and watching or playing just about any sporting activity. Happily married for 3+ years, she is hoping that there is a Goldendoodle in her not too distant future.

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