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#HuntFishTravel 083 – The Debacle That Was My South Dakota Mule Deer Hunt, debacle

Have you ever spent 15 hours completely lost in a dark canyon with no GPS, water or shelter? Well Carrie has and she’s telling the story from start to finish. Joined as always by Rachel Fontaine the conversation revolves around the mule deer hunt, the excitement, the let downs and of course the take-aways. Read More

#HuntFishTravel 070 – Tips for Cutting Shooting Lanes with Wicked Tree Gear

John Mulligan; VP of Sales & Marketing for Wicked Tree Gear joins us this week to talk about where, how much and when to even cut a shooting lane, tree saws and online hunting shows.

Read More

#HuntFishTravel 068 – Antler Growth and Organizing Your Trail Cam Photos with HuntForce

What are antlers? Why do they grow the way they do? What makes them big and sometimes gnarley? What the heck is “Velvet”?

All these questions are answered during this week’s episode where we sit down with President of HuntForce Jim White. We’ll talk Read More

Saint Patrick was a bow hunter…well ok, not really.

Saint Patrick was a bow hunter 001He was actually too busy getting kidnapped by raiders and escaping to study Christianity and to eventually become an Irish Saint.

March 17th is the day of his death and became forever called Saint Patrick’s Day.

I’m telling you right now, nothing would make me happier if someday I could have my own holiday where people party and drink green colored Harp beer or Black and Tans all day and celebrate all that is right in the world in remembrance of me! Read More

Late Season Ice Fishing
Ice angling guru Tony Roach covers lots of territory to find perch late in the ice-fishing season.

by Bob Jensen

Hard to believe, but it’s already time to start thinking about end of the season ice-fishing. In the southern stretches of the ice-fishing zone, the end of the season bite will start soon: In fact it has probably already started. In the northern regions the season can extend to early April, even mid-April in extreme seasons. Wherever you fish through the ice, there are several good reasons to get in on this late season ice-fishing. First, why should you get in on this late season ice-fishing action? Probably the best reason is that the bite can be really, really good-and the weather can be a whole lot more comfortable than in the dead of winter.

There are times when the wind is calm and the sun is shining and it’s a warm day. You’ll be out there in a long underwear top and a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and bibs: That’s all you need to keep comfortable.

Walleye and pike season closes to ice-fishing in some states, but you can still catch perch, crappies, bluegills, and the like. Read More

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