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Charred Sugar Crusted Salmon Recipe – Simply to Die For
Charred Sugar Crusted Salmon Recipe – Simply to Die For

Eating fish can actually reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders such as asthma in children, cancer, heart disease, dementia and depression.  It can even help people with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and autoimmune disease!  Yay for fish!

A great article: Advantages of Eating Fish Foods

As with anything moderation is key.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, women planning pregnancy, and all children Read More

Jim Willes HuntFishTravel Venison Caveman Roast Recipe
Venison Caveman Roast

When it comes to grilling, there is no shortage of choices of meats to cook over the coals. However, when you are a deer hunter, a big slab of venison will undoubtedly be your top choice. But when it comes to feeding a large group of people, thoughts usually drift away from those precious cuts to find something a little cheaper or more readily available than expensive steak or your prized venison.

Like many hunters out there, I process my own deer, which gives me the opportunity to do different things. One thing that I love to do is save the hind quarters whole. I do this for many reasons. The first reason is that if I ever need anything, I can pull an entire quarter and make what I want. I am not limited to what has already been processed. The second reason is the recipe I am about to share with you. Read More

Grilled Fish with Citrus Dill

Do you have fish that you would like to try a different yet easy recipe with? Grilled Fish with Citrus Dill Seasoning is a quick yet tasty recipe. Read More

Video: Squirrel Sliders Recipe

Looking for a tasty wild game recipe for the upcoming Big Game that won’t deflate on you (yes, I know…dead horse)? This squirrel slider recipe is perfect for your superbowl party. Superbowl Squirrel Sliders…say that five times fast! Read More

A Wild Game Holiday Meal Plan
Wild Game Holiday Meal Plans

These meal plans are for those of us who love to eat wild game and are fortunate to have a family who won’t turn their nose up at it.

Read More

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