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7 Reasons I Love Camping In the Fall

I love fall camping. Everything about it and once Labor Day hits and hunting season gets here I am in seventh heaven.

And here are my top seven reasons why… Read More

#HuntFishTravel 070 – Tips for Cutting Shooting Lanes with Wicked Tree Gear

John Mulligan; VP of Sales & Marketing for Wicked Tree Gear joins us this week to talk about where, how much and when to even cut a shooting lane, tree saws and online hunting shows.

Read More

#HuntFishTravel 068 – Antler Growth and Organizing Your Trail Cam Photos with HuntForce

What are antlers? Why do they grow the way they do? What makes them big and sometimes gnarley? What the heck is “Velvet”?

All these questions are answered during this week’s episode where we sit down with President of HuntForce Jim White. We’ll talk Read More

Gear Review: 2014 PSE Dream Season DNA SP

2013 PSE Dream Season DNA was a very popular bow; they manufactured a new riser that was stronger and lighter but still managed to push the super-fast IBO speeds PSE is known for.

But for most of us, a smooth draw is what we really want, and as a woman, I don’t want to have to fight with what in my opinion was an overly aggressive cam. Read More

Charred Sugar Crusted Salmon – Simply to Die For

Eating fish can actually reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders such as asthma in children, cancer, heart disease, dementia and depression.  It can even help people with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and autoimmune disease!  Yay for fish!

A great article: Advantages of Eating Fish Foods

As with anything moderation is key.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, women planning pregnancy, and all children Read More

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