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Video: How to Cook Sesame Venison Kabobs

On this episode of CookIN’ Gone Wild, Michelle teaches us a new way to cook venison with a delicious Sriracha sauce. This quick an easy recipe will have the family begging for more! Read More

Video: Venison Pumpkin Chili – CookIN’ Gone Wild

Everyone is in pumpkin mode; including the Indiana DNR!

Check out this amazing recipe for a fall themed chili, perfect for Sunday football or dinner after a long day of hunting. Read More

Paleo Venison Jerky

You’re probably thinking “Paleo?” what the heck is he talking about? Let me explain the concept of the Paleo Diet.

It’s a simple concept based on the theory that we (humans) should go back to eating like cavemen. Read More

Video: How to Cook Venison Parmesan

Michelle Cain of the Indiana Division of Fish and Wildlife shows how to cook a delicious Venison Parmesan with just a few simple steps.

Read More

How to Smoke Venison Back Straps

When smoking venison and most wild game, I prefer to brine the meat instead of marinating it. Brine penetrates deeper into the meat and the salt prevents the fibers from tightening up, keeping moisture and natural juices inside.

Take pride and some extra time to make sure all the silver skin and tough pieces are trimmed off. No one especially non-hunters like to chew on a tough old dried up piece of meat. You spent hours in the field to harvest that buck, now is the time to make it the best it can be on the table. Read More

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