Gear Review: Turkey Tool by Real Avid

CarrieZ hopes the turkeys won't bust her.
CarrieZ hopes the turkeys won’t bust her.

In May of 2013 I had the privilege of participating in the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writer’s Mega Media Cast and Blast in South Dakota.

I was there to turkey hunt for Merriams and mingle with both corporate members and other media members of AGLOW.

The first day we were there, we had a breakout session where we were introduced to new products.  One of them caught my eye immediately.

Alas, I did not get a turkey during those two days and so I did not get a chance to use the Real Avid Turkey Tool.  However, as luck would have it, my good friend John Buchin did harvest a turkey and was able to use it.  Here is his review:

Gear Review:  Real Avid Turkey Tool

By John Buchin of Crooked Talon Game Calls

John Buchin with his Turkey Tool in use.
John Buchin with his Turkey Tool in use.

It seems as though spring turkey season wrapped up only a few short months ago, but according to my calendar, fall turkey season is here…

Although the tactics employed to bag an autumn gobbler is different than the spring season, a lot of the tools can remain the same.  Aside from calls, bow, or shotgun, a mainstay in my arsenal is the Real Avid Turkey Tool.

I’ve been able to put this tool through the gauntlet:  fall turkey, small game, archery whitetails, blackpowder hunting, and of course spring turkey season.  It has blown through all the tests I could put it through, and met or exceeded its capabilities.  In doing so, it’s nickel plated stainless steel implements have shown their usefulness beyond turkey hunting, and a staple in my hunting arsenal.

Real Avid Turkey Tool 001The Brush Saw worked excellent in all cutting tasks, from sprucing up a ground blind, making an impromptu turkey blind, cutting shooting lanes, and removing branches that impeded my climbing tree stands path.  The Pin Punch made short work of field stripping my turkey gun after a few muddy crawls, trying to close the last few yards on some hung up toms.  The Choke Tube Wrench fits choke tubes from .410 to 10 gauge, and has an integrated windage screw adjustment, which incidentally also worked as a forearm screw removal tool on my inline muzzleloader.

For field dressing birds and small game, notching hunting tags, and other general cutting needs, the 440 stainless steel locking knife blade handled extremely well, staying razor sharp.  The only time I found myself sharpening it was just to pass time on stand.

Last but not least, the Real Avid Turkey Tool has a Carry Hook, that, when coupled with included Toter Strap, makes the classic over the shoulder carry-out of your bird easier, Real Avid Turkey Tool 003both for your shoulder, and your hands.  With the carry hook between the fingers, it puts the Turkey Tool into a “T” handle position, which allowed me to carry without really gripping all that hard.  The Toter Strap also has a Ruler printed on it, which was great for quick field measurements of beards and spurs.

Even though this tool was designed to fill the finicky needs of Turkey Hunters,  but it has become an essential part of my general hunting and camping gear, or any other time I find myself headed to the woods.

The Turkey Tool can be found in quite a few sporting goods stores and departments, and at their website

Product Rating

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Overall Rating: 5

MSRP: $44.99

Performance: Excellent, John really put it through its paces and it held up to every test.

Ease of Use: Very easy to use, a young child would have no difficulty using it.

Other uses: Fall turkey, small game, archery whitetails, blackpowder hunting.

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