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Utah: What Hunters Should Know for 2022 Deer and Elk Hunts
Utah: What Hunters Should Know for 2022 Deer and Elk Hunts

SALT LAKE CITY — Several years of ongoing drought conditions have impacted mule deer populations across the state. Here are a few things people hunting deer and elk in Utah this fall should know.

Drought impacts deer by decreasing their body fat (because there are fewer plants and available food sources on the landscape). If the does have poor body fat and nutrition, it leads to smaller fawns, and those fawns have a decreased chance of surviving. If an adult deer has too little body fat at the beginning of the winter — especially a severe winter — it will often not survive the winter months. Recent deer research, conducted in Utah, has shown that the amount of fat deer have going into the winter has more of an impact on their likelihood to survive than the conditions and severity of the winter itself. Read More

7 Tips to Successfully Hunt Public Lands

Hello again outdoors world! Just in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere the past month, hunting season is here! Millions of people are now venturing afield in search of game big and small. I am not any different than most of the hunters out there, and I am usually stuck hunting public lands. After a couple decades of learning I have developed many different tricks to hunting public lands and I have decided to let you in on how I have had lots of success doing so. Read More

5 Great Bow Hunting Tips That You Need To Know About For A Successful Rainy Day Deer Hunt

Hunting during the rainy season can be a fun endeavor. Despite the fact that during rainy days the terrain is usually slippery and muddy, it is surely something you should try. The fun and the thrill that comes out of it are usually priceless. The way lovers find kissing in the rain magical is simply the same magical feeling that comes with deer hunting in the rain.  Read More

Thoughts on Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone. As usual the four day weekend flew by.

Read More

#HuntFishTravel 172 – 2016 WI Deer Hunting Gun Opener Preview with Kevin Wallenfang, DNR

“#HuntFishTravel Ep 172 – 2016 WI Deer Gun Opener Preview with Kevin Wallenfang, DNR”

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In this episode we’re talking about the new regulations, how many licenses were sold last year and how many deer taken, blaze pink and Kevin’s #1 tip for a new hunter heading out into the woods this weekend. Read More

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