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#HuntFishTravel 167 – Arizona Mule Deer with Julie McQueen

“#HuntFishTravel 167 – Arizona Mule Deer with Julie McQueen”

In this week’s episode Carrie Zylka is interviewing Julie McQueen.

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Not only did she teach herself how to hunt, but she’s found her “Hunting Spirit State” in Arizona. Listen in as they chat about bowhunting mule deer in Arizona, how women in the industry have each other’s back, working in the outdoor industry and making the transition from network tv to a 100% streaming on demand network.

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#HuntFishTravel 132 – Hunting Mule Deer in Montana and General Archery Talk with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery

“#HuntFishTravel Montana – Hunting Mule Deer and General Archery Talk with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery”

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In this episode Carrie Zylka sits down with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery, he tells his Montana Mule Deer story, how Bohning came to be, archery events coming up and the state of the archery industry. Read More

Sunday Morning Musings – Happy Surgical Anniversary Day & How Far I’ve Come

{I actually wrote this September 30, 2014.  Today is my birthday and last year’s kinda sucked so I thought this would be a fitting post.}

I received a text today from my husband:

Happy Surgical AnniversaryI chuckled because it was such a simple yet effective reminder of the hell I was going through exactly one year ago today. Lying in a hospital bed, in excruciating pain after having several organs ripped out of me. Barely coherent and doped up beyond my wildest fears. The complications that nearly killed me and the agony of a lengthy recovery.

Most women would never dream of hunting alone much less for a whole week in another state for a species they knew nothing about.

But I am obviously not most women. Read More

#HuntFishTravel 068 – Antler Growth and Organizing Your Trail Cam Photos with HuntForce

What are antlers? Why do they grow the way they do? What makes them big and sometimes gnarley? What the heck is “Velvet”?

All these questions are answered during this week’s episode where we sit down with President of HuntForce Jim White. We’ll talk Read More

#HuntFishTravel 054 – All About the Mule Deer

With Miles Moretti – President and CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation. Read More

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