#HuntFishTravel Ep235 – A Career in the Hunting Industry with David Moore, Brad Frost & Scott Carrol, from The Challenge Outdoors

In this episode of the podcast, hosts Brad Frost, Scott Carol, and Dave Moore share their passion for outdoor exploration and television production, detailing their journey from humble beginnings to becoming influential figures in the field. Highlighting heartwarming stories of hunting experiences with disabled children and the challenges of conservation efforts, the hosts emphasize the importance of community support and meaningful outdoor experiences. From African adventures to plans for future expeditions, listeners are treated to a captivating discussion on the joys and challenges of exploring the great outdoors.

The Wisconsin Lake Sturgeon, a Species in Peril?

Jim Willes discusses the successful conservation efforts of the lake sturgeon in Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago system, highlighting the local community’s dedication to preserving the species through organizations like Sturgeon for Tomorrow. However, it raises concerns about a potential federal listing of the lake sturgeon under the Endangered Species Act, which could jeopardize the well-managed population and end the annual sturgeon spearing season, impacting the local economy and cultural traditions.

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