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Charred Sugar Crusted Salmon Recipe – Simply to Die For
Charred Sugar Crusted Salmon Recipe – Simply to Die For

Eating fish can actually reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders such as asthma in children, cancer, heart disease, dementia and depression.  It can even help people with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and autoimmune disease!  Yay for fish!

A great article: Advantages of Eating Fish Foods

As with anything moderation is key.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, women planning pregnancy, and all children Read More

#HuntFishTravel 085 – Deer Scents, Lures & How to Make a Mock Scrape

This week Carrie and Rachel head down the rock ‘n’ roll rabbit hole, they reveal Carrie’s new rock and metal new album review podcast Rock Chick Radio and a sneak peek behind Rachel and Carrie’s upcoming podcast project “Wisconsin Restaurant Review“.

Then they are chatting it up with Brian Johansen from Buck Stop Scents, they talk about types of scents, where and how to put  them out and various questions about using them properly.

Read More

#HuntFishTravel 074 – Fall Walleye Tactics with Marble-EYE Slayers

Fall is hunting season. Yes, we know. But it’s also the best fishing season too! This week we are talking to pro tournament anglers Jeff Otis and Scott Ludwig. They are going to let us in on some of the fishing tactics the pro’s use so we can all catch dinner too!
Plus Rachel got a new dog, listen in to the story of how she came to be a new dog owner. Read More

Sunday Morning Musings – Sometimes a Punch in the Face is Needed

Sometimes I have no idea how I got here.

Sometimes I get sucked into situations I have no business being in.

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and then smack myself in the forehead in regret and mutter “what was I thinking???” .

I do however, find some solace in thinking I’m not alone in this.

It’s funny, I’ve never aspired to be famous or a promoter of women in the outdoors or anything like that. I’m just a chick with a podcast and a blog that enjoys hunting and fishing and I just really like doing what I do. Read More

Saint Patrick was a bow hunter…well ok, not really.

Saint Patrick was a bow hunter 001He was actually too busy getting kidnapped by raiders and escaping to study Christianity and to eventually become an Irish Saint.

March 17th is the day of his death and became forever called Saint Patrick’s Day.

I’m telling you right now, nothing would make me happier if someday I could have my own holiday where people party and drink green colored Harp beer or Black and Tans all day and celebrate all that is right in the world in remembrance of me! Read More

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