#HuntFishTravel 083 – The Debacle That Was My South Dakota Mule Deer Hunt, debacle

Have you ever spent 15 hours completely lost in a dark canyon with no GPS, water or shelter? Well Carrie has and she’s telling the story from start to finish. Joined as always by Rachel Fontaine the conversation revolves around the mule deer hunt, the excitement, the let downs and of course the take-aways.

Special guest co-host Trent Marsh adds his humor and unique outlook on life to the conversation.

Rated “Explicit” for some language.

Episode direct download link:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/wwocz/ep83.mp3

  • 3:35 AGLOW
  • 6:15 oops technical hiccup
  • 6:30 SD hunt
  • 45:00 optics considerations

If you’d like to read the two part story you can read it here.