Gear Review: Coolmax Sleep Sack

I came across the website some time ago, I was intrigued by this company that offered several handy camping and outdoor products.

A few weekends ago I had the chance to use one of the new Outgo Coolmax Sleep Sack and Sleeping Bag Liners. It certainly came in handy when the temps dipped a bit below what I find comfortable.

I am always on the lookout for products that will enhance my camping, fishing or hunting experience. After all, who actually likes to be uncomfortable when sleeping in a tent in Wisconsin?

Made of the legendary Coolmax fabric, the sleep sack features an effective fiber-based moisture management system, and allowed for a very comfortable night’s sleep. It fit perfectly in my mummy style sleeping bag as the Coolmax itself is in the mummy shape. As a bonus – it was long enough for my 6 foot frame. Serious brownie points there.

Coolmax is a fabric created by a company called Invista; a world leader in integrated fibers and polymers. So I knew that with the combination of such a reputable fabric maker and the well known reputation of Outgo; known for producing high quality items, I had no doubt I would love the Coolmax sleep sack.

And best of all, it neatly folded up and came in a handy little carrying case

The website states that it assists with generating warmth but can also help cool you down. I look forward to testing that theory in July and August, when we have more camping trips scheduled in the dead heat of Wisconsin.

About Outgo
Outgo, the personal care brand by McNett, is the leader in compact, efficient products for active lifestyles. Outgo products keep backpacks light and help alleviate heavy loads while hiking, camping, traveling or backpacking. Included in the product line are an Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel available in nine assorted colors, a Microfiber Microterry Towel, Waterless Wash, Microterry Washcloth Kit, Z-Mask Sleep Shield and Smart Suds, which is designed to clean gear, clothes, hands and dishes.

About McNett
McNett is a 30-year leader in gear repair and maintenance, water treatment and personal care products for all types of outdoor pursuits. The company’s products are known worldwide by consumers and original equipment manufacturers. McNett brands are available in over 70 countries and include: Outgo™, Gear Aid™, M Essentials™, Aquamira® and Camo Form®. For more information see our website at


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