Wading 101 – 7 Tips For Safe Wading

Whether it’s trout or bass you’re chasing, here are a few tips to make your freshwater wading experience a better one.

1. Plan your route.

2. Consider if wading is necessary. Wading alerts your presence to fish – would bank fishing be possible?

3. Keep your balance. If you lean into the current and suddenly lose your balance the

current will help push you upright.

4. Use a belt and cinch it tight. Trap as much air in the waders as possible. This will also keep water out.

5. Use a wading staff.

6. Body movements. Walking full on into (or with) the current provides more surface area for the full force. Move at an angle when possible to cut the current. Shuffle – if you can’t see what’s below the surface of the water, use your feet to gauge depth and prevent tripping.

7. Conserve energy. Cold water will affect you more than warm water. And fast moving water will cause you to work harder than slow. Move within slow eddies whenever possible. Shuffling rather than high-stepping will expend less energy. Remember that water above the knees will increase the force you have to move against. You will become more buoyant and you will spend more energy trying to find purchase with your feet as you lose traction.
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