Saint Patrick was a bow hunter…well ok, not really.

Saint Patrick was a bow hunter 001He was actually too busy getting kidnapped by raiders and escaping to study Christianity and to eventually become an Irish Saint.

March 17th is the day of his death and became forever called Saint Patrick’s Day.

I’m telling you right now, nothing would make me happier if someday I could have my own holiday where people party and drink green colored Harp beer or Black and Tans all day and celebrate all that is right in the world in remembrance of me!

Shamrock Shindig March 12, 2011 Milwaukee, WI

Shamrock Shindig March 12, 2011 Milwaukee, WI

Shamrock Shindig March 12, 2011 Milwaukee, WI

I recently found out that my paternal grandmother is half Irish and that might explain my undying love for one of my most favorite dishes EVER – Guiness Irish Stew, check out Gordon Ramsay whip it up – yummy!!

Ireland is somewhere I would certainly like to visit someday, I have even had the Gosford Castle bookmarked for about 2 years, the castle was renovated and turned into a sort of hotel with reasonable rates (about $1,000 a week).  It’s set against Gosford Park, where you will see Irish poultry, Irish draught horses, long-horned cattle and rare breeds of sheep.  And of course you will see a herd of red deer enclosed within the adjacent Deer Park.

Be still my beating heart!

Because that of course leads me to hunting in Ireland…

Deer hunting (Red deer, Sika deer, Roe deer, Fallow deer and Muntjac) in this country is strictly managed.  A license is required and you must be 16+ years of age.

Copyright Marty's PhotographyThe seasons are pretty short, I found a lot of information on the Citizen Information site

Unfortunately, bow hunting is illegal in the UK.  So unless I am taking my rifle I will be going for a visit only!

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