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Review of the GunWatcher Website

Hello outdoors world!

For this segment I was asked to check out and review the website GUNWATCHER. With the explosion of the firearms market in recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of websites dedicated to firearms sales. Needless to say I did not have high expectations as I have looked at several while shopping for my latest deer rifle, and found most of them to be useless and I really did not like using them. I thought they had too much going on on most of the page making them kind of hard to spend a lot of time on. I have always been a more hands on buyer, so that did not help. Continue reading Review of the GunWatcher Website

8 Reasons You Should Own a Reloading Kit

What is the more cost effective option: buying ammo in bulk or reloading? In times of ammo shortages, reloading seems like the most cost-effective means of getting ammo. However, when ammo is in plenty, reloading can seem like a chore.

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Gear Review: Remington 783

Welcome back outdoors world, thank you for stopping by! If you look back at an article I wrote early last year, you know after my research, I purchased a Remington Arms Model 783 7mm. I had high expectations for this gun, all I needed was some time in the woods with this firearm to confirm I’d made the right choice. Here is what I learned.

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Springfield Armory® Releases Flat Dark Earth

6/3/15 (Geneseo, IL) – Springfield Armory® is introducing a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) color tone variant across popular categories starting with the flagship M1A™ Loaded Precision Adjustable Stock (PAS) Rifle and the XD-S® 3.3” pistol in 9mm and .45acp calibers. Continue reading Springfield Armory® Releases Flat Dark Earth