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Hello outdoors world!

For this segment I was asked to check out and review the website GUNWATCHER. With the explosion of the firearms market in recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of websites dedicated to firearms sales. Needless to say I did not have high expectations as I have looked at several while shopping for my latest deer rifle, and found most of them to be useless and I really did not like using them. I thought they had too much going on on most of the page making them kind of hard to spend a lot of time on. I have always been a more hands on buyer, so that did not help.

When I first went to the website I noticed it’s plain design. A lot of other sites really dress their look up and are really “blinged out” which I have always thought was kind of overwhelming when trying to find what I was looking for.

Not this site. The simplicity of the site actually made it easier to find what I wanted. No frills, no pomp and circumstance, just easy searches.

Since a new hunting season is upon us, I figured a good way to learn about this site would be to shop for the guns and ammo I was going to be using this year. I searched for 30-06 and 7mm rem mag ammo along with 12 gauge slugs and bird shot, and the elusive .22lr. The site quickly and easily showed me listings for not only online retailers but you could also search actual stores in your area and they even have a search that you can compare directly to your local Walmart!

For all the evil that Walmart is, you can not beat their prices on outdoors equipment. So to see a listing specifically for Walmart was kind of nice. Unexpected, but nice. You could also search major gun auction sites to try and find that really good deal.

I scrolled through prices and locations and when I found where I wanted to buy from, I simply clicked the link an I took me directly to the retailers website. I really think this website could have saved me time when shopping for my rifle. If anything, it is a good place to do your homework.

Over all I like the website. It is simple, easy to use, even for the not so tech savvy, and does not have all the distractions of some sites. I have rated some of the attributes of this site and this in what I think.

Product Rating

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Overall Rating: 4.5

Performance 4 – Although it has a lot of different guns, ammo, and accessorize linked to this page, there were some things I tried to find that I was not able to. I tried searching some less common guns and calibers of ammo and was unsuccessful. While I was able to find most things I tried searching for I was not able to find everything I needed, that’s why I can not give a 5 on this one.

Ease of use 5 – Of all the guns and ammo sites out there, I found this one to be one of the easiest to use. It was not all cluttered up with useless junk like some out there making navigation a breeze.

Versatility 4 – Whether it be a new rifle, new ammo, magazines or accessories, they are all there to find, quickly

Over all 4.5 – If you are looking for guns or ammo, I would recommend this site for some quick, easy one stop shopping. Like I mentioned earlier, even if it is to just do you homework before buying or selling, you should stop by this site. Get in, find what you want, and be done in a flash. Whether you shop at Midway USA, Brownells, or Walmart, it is a good place to get some knowledge on your side.

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