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Fishing for Redbelly Bream at O’leno State Park in High Springs, Florida

Wild Ones Blogger – Fay Walker - Fay-vorite PastimesXY Coordinates: 29.919680/-82.608337

Every now and then, I get the urge to get back to the basics. When life gets a little too complicated, I seek out the quiet in yon fields and forests graced in summer’s glorious hues of gold and green. Read More

Service Review: Gun Watcher – Locate and Negotiate!

North Florida                                 COORDINATES XY: Anywhere, Florida

I admit it – I am a budget minded shopper. From cars to homes, when it comes to big ticket items, I am a tireless negotiator who will argue, discuss, cajole, and sometimes whine in order to receive the best deal.

While some products are inarguable worth every penny spent, I have – at times – had to remind the “offended” seller/vendor that my need to negotiate for a lower price is nothing personal, it is just good business. After all, my money spends just as well in my pocket as it will in someone else’s. Read More

Kayak Fishing: Finding the Perfect Fish Friendly Kayak

Withlacoochee River – North Florida     Coordinates XY: 30.464334, -83.224044

I have always been a passionate outdoor woman. This being said, there are some things I enjoy more than others: Fishing being one of them.

During my “formative” years, I had heard that the best fishing occurred off shore – yes, that nebulous, mystical place on the outer limits of the Florida coastline that I had only rarely visited as a child and never as an adult. Read More

Smoke’m If You Got’m: Taking the Anxiety out of Maintaining your Muzzle Loader

Wild Ones Blogger – Fay Walker - Fay-vorite PastimesNorth Florida       COORDINATES XY: Anywhere, Florida

I have noticed that it is not uncommon for women to act a bit shy of firing the muzzle loader (black powder). The kick-back; the smoke; the maintenance, and the effort it takes to reload can be a bit intimidating. While my preference is to hunt primitive, I must admit that I will continue to hunt with quiver and bow long into muzzle loader season. Why – because I do not want to be bothered with all the little details associated with firing black powder. Read More

Florida: Where Everything Bites – A Quick Look at Venomous Snakes in Florida

By: Fay Walker

There exists a dark underbelly in Mickey Mouse Land. Yes – in Florida, everything bites. From sunburn to stinging nettles, biting flies, ticks, insects, and snakes; Florida is home to a variety of flora and fauna that can cause anything from uncomfortable rashes to life threatening illnesses.

Ticks, spiders, and snakes are the most common threats with the most likely candidates for exposure to these threats being hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. While I could write a book about the poisons and toxins existing just outside our door, let us take a look at one of type of threat in particular – venomous snakes.

Read More

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