I accidentally got a job at Cabela’s…And lasted a total of 8 weeks…🤷‍♀️

HuntFishTravel Carrie Zylka I accidentally got a job at Cabelas

I have always loved Cabela’s and spend a significant amount of time and money there. As a member of their affiliate program, I’ve appreciated their support over the years.

I particularly miss the “Ladies Day Out” events they used to hold. Before my dad passed, we regularly met up for lunch at the Richfield, Wisconsin location.

After Bass Pro took over, the culture changed—not necessarily for better or worse, just different.

But I still spent copious amounts of money in their store, it’s easy to do.

The year before the COVID pandemic, I started a hybrid remote job. When COVID hit and everything shut down, I transitioned to working fully remote and have remained so since.

Initially, this wasn’t a problem. However, last winter, due to unseasonably warm temperatures, a lack of ice fishing opportunities, and an increase in work obligations, my time outside was extremely limited. I found myself spending over 12 hours a day in my basement office with minimal human interaction, which, as you can imagine, severely impacted my physical and mental health, especially as an extrovert.

I was, in reality, spiraling.

In April, during a visit to Cabela’s, an employee joked, “You know, you’re here pretty often, why don’t you just get a job here?” I stopped and thought, “Why not?”

They hired me on the spot as a tech in the archery department. It was fun for the first few days, but I was quickly reminded why I never enjoyed working retail—the lack of flexibility.

The discount was great, and I ended up buying a few things.

I have no idea who added all this stuff to my cart, but I thought it would be rude to remove it, so here we are.

Did you know Cabelas sells SNACKS????

These are going to come in handy with A-A-Ron’s kiddos when we go camping!

I’m all set for the summer!

It had been a while since I had firsthand exposure to archery equipment. I had missed the Archery Trade Association dealer show the last few years, and although this was a big box setting rather than a true pro shop, it was still a step in the right direction. I benefited from working on some of the equipment, testing out the Cabela’s bows—reviews on the BlackOut Faze, BlackOut Epic, BlackOut Epic X2, BlackOut Distinct, and the BlackOut Intrigue XST coming soon—and familiarizing myself with new gear on the market.

I only lasted eight weeks, but those eight weeks snapped me out of my funk. The first week was tough. I went from 400 steps a day to over 8,000.

The people I worked with were lovely. Most of them enjoyed their jobs. However, as an engineer with a 45-hour job, on two Board of Directors, juggling three podcasts, managing a home, and supporting a boyfriend who is in a band, the 45-minute drive and six-hour shifts, four nights a week, just weren’t feasible.

Sometimes I take on too much and end up burning the candles at both ends.

This meme spoke to me…it really spoke to me…

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