Thoughts on Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone. As usual the four day weekend flew by.

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When my mom moved from Wisconsin to Arkansas in 2001 – we swore we would always make the effort to visit.

And then real life intervened.

And then my sister moved to Florida with her three boys, and we were separated by miles.

And then there was Thanksgiving 2016! With my family!

A motley crew...
A motley crew…

For the first time in twenty years, my mom, my sister and I were together for a holiday.

And not only were we able to eat a meal and play games together but I was able to take my nine year old nephew hunting for the first time.

Orange is definitely our color.
Orange is definitely our color.

This was quite the learning experience for me as I’ve never taken a child hunting before. I let him choose the spot where I would set up my blind. And we had a blast watching squirrels and birds but unfortunately no deer.

Watching intently.
Watching intently.

I was pretty impressed with his listening skills. He was on high alert the whole time.

I can't believe I'm even wearing this thing...
I can’t believe I’m even wearing this thing…

Saturday night my sister took the boys to her property and had a campfire. It was the perfect time to sneak up in the dark wearing a gorilla suit and scare the pants off them.

I did video it but as there was no moon the video is completely dark, but the audio is priceless.

Be sure to check back later in December for the 2016 Season Wrap Up Podcast Episode – I’ll be playing the audio on that episode. Trust me – it’s hysterical!

I love having a close relationship with my sister and my nephews.

And they obviously adore my husband…

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. There are many, many things I’m grateful for, least of which is you.

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