#HuntFishTravel 108 – Hunting Antelope in Africa

#HuntFishTravel 108 – Hunting Antelope in Africa

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Willem Frost of Matlabas Game Hunters and I have a serious discussion on Antelope biology, and why they are different than Pronghorn.

We talk about poaching and why anti-hunting groups actually promote poaching without realizing it.

10 Tips for choosing an African Outfitter and some in depth hunting tactics for hunting antelope.

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Matlabas Game Hunters

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One thought on “#HuntFishTravel 108 – Hunting Antelope in Africa

  1. Carrie, thanks for episode 57. I was fortunate enough to hunt with Willem and his wonderful family in 2010. They are an excellent outfitter and guide and I would recommend them very highly. His wife is an excellent cook and together they make great hosts. Willem has a vast knowledge of all the animals and plant life you will see in Africa and they are bow hunters to boot.

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