Gear Review: Slumper Seats

Slumper Seats Saved My Ass – Literally.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a week with my gal pals from out of state.  During that week of hunting, I found out much to my great chagrin that a tree stand was just not for me.

Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to sit on the rain soaked ground for a week, Slumper Seats came to my rescue.

Actually; Slumper Seats came to OUR rescue as Thelissa from Utah used one as well, she raved about how comfortable it was after the first day and it was nice to have a second opinion for my review.

Sitting on a rocky outcropping or at the base of a tree with nothing between your butt and the cold earth but your pants – kinda sucks.  You can feel the earth beneath you leeching the warmth from your body and if it’s been raining, you’ll inevitably end up with a wet, muddy splotch right about where your pockets are.

Slumper Seats are made right here in Wisconsin, this American made company takes pride in choosing high quality material for its various models. 

Like most Americans, owner Rick Helke shares a passion for hunting, specifically deer hunting, but years of sitting in a tree stand with an uncomfortable seat for 10+ hours, inspired him to start Rimlo Products LLC, and design safe, comfortable and quiet seats geared towards the hunter.

Extensive research and thought is evident in the whisper quiet material, the family owned and operated company contracted and the affordable prices that are offered.  They take great pride in the fact that they are able to offer an American product without the exorbitant prices other outdoor industry companies charge.

Using Ameri-suede from the True Timber Company for the material, I can attest this stuff is QUIET.  The foam inserts are very comfortable, providing just the right mix of softness and sable firmness.  And even in the heavy rain, it stayed very dry, the product description boasts “water resistant” but I can assure you from experience, it’s darn near water proof.

I used the Super Slumper while Thelissa sat on the Simple 16 Turkey Seat.

The Super Slumper is obviously meant for a tree stand, with a high back and well fitted seat, it comes with heavy duty straps to hold everything in place.  Since I wasn’t able to use it in my tree stand, I tightened the straps underneath the seat and closed the straps for the back around a tree, holding it upright and in place.

The seat itself stayed put for the most part, obviously since it’s meant to be used with a tree stand, and here I was using it on a downward ridge, it slid a little bit, but even when I re-adjusted it after a few hours, the quietness of the material kept the process silent.

Thelissa maintained that while sitting beneath the low hanging branches of a huge tree, the smaller seat was just perfect.  She didn’t have any back support and the comfort of the Simple 16 Turkey Seat helped keep her from fidgeting too much.  I also had the Slump Back along, a separate back piece but her situation did not warrant it.

Simple 16 Turkey Seat would be ideal for my little turkey stool – and trust me when I say I am looking forward to using it next spring.  The nylon seat on the stool is about as uncomfortable as it gets and I have a hard time keeping still, I’d be willing to bet this seat will once again save my keister.

Over all, out of all the products that are sent to me for a review I have to say this one is by far the most comfortable!

If you have a tree stand that has a seat damaged by squirrels or raccoons, or is simply not comfortable, I encourage you to visit the Slumper Seat website.  Their products are extremely reasonable in price and they have several options to choose from.  If you can’t find one to fit your stand, I would be willing to be contacting Rick will yield a very good result.

Please visit their website at, like their facebook page and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on promotions, coupon codes and new products.

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