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Deadline Oct 31, 2018 Join Me For the 2019 Sturgeon Spearing weekend

Group Sturgeon Weekend is February 9-10 Full season is February 9 – 24, 2019, deadline for tags is October 31, 2018. The group will participate in “cutting in” on Friday, Feb 8. We will spear and attend an evening bonfire on the lake Saturday, Feb 9, and spear Sunday, Feb 10. Sturgeon Spearing Info: WI […]

Dinosaur Hunting on Lake Winnebago

Wisconsin. A state steeped in outdoors heritage and tradition. Generations of hunters and fishermen have taken to the woods and the waters of this great state for many generations, but you would be hard pressed to find a tradition in the outdoors older than the Sturgeon spearing season on the Lake Winnebago chain. Lake Winnebago […]

Join Me For A Weekend of Sturgeon Spearing in 2017

February 10-12, 2017 Photos, a video and information on the 2017 HuntFishTravel Sturgeon Spearing outing you’re invited to, as well as the highlights from 2016. The quest is for dinosaurs older than my grandparents on Lake Winnebago….the hunt for prehistoric behemoths that prowl the waters less than fifty miles from my home. These creatures fascinate […]

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