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Walk In, Trash Out – The Canadian Outdoorsman

The inspiration for this blog came to me this morning as I was putting the house hold recycling containers out to the road side for the bi-weekly collection truck.Β  We all hear the message of “Do your part to preserve the environment for the future”.Β  Well this lesson seems to be strong in the youth of today, but seems to slip past the more mature.Β  Nothing is sadder to see, than a group on a passing boat throwing garbage overboard, or packages and wrappers from empty bait containers scattered along a great shore fishing bank.Β  Are we too lazy to carry out what we packed in?Β  After all you brought it out, used its contents, thus it should be easier to take back home?
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Worm Stealers, Fishing the Backwater Lakes of the Mississippi River

Fall is my favorite season; it’s all about hunting, my birthday, great fishing and HalloIen.Β  Winter, which comes in at a very close second, is ice fishing, sturgeon spearing and winter cabins. Spring is third and is all about turkey time and spawning time.

While summer is technically my least favorite, this season tends to generate some of the best memories.Β  To me summer is all about fishing and camping.Β Β  Campfires, smores, lakes, brats, relaxing, rivers, visiting etc.

I have truly grown to love my tent.Β  For the last few years I’d thought about buying a camper but to be honest with you, since I am only comfortable pulling one or the other behind my truck; I’ve decided a fishing boat is the way to go.Β  I’d be happier tent camping in one of the amazing parks here in Wisconsin and trailering the boat behind in hopes of finding that perfect fishing lake or that perfect sunbathing sandbar.

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