#HuntFishTravel 182 – Fangirling over Sturgeon Spearing

#HuntFishTravel 182 – Fangirling over Sturgeon Spearing

I doubt you’ll find two women more excited to stare down a hole and cut huge ice cubes out of a frozen lake with a chainsaw than Trisha Steffen and I.

If you want the step by step in depth equipment and technique information, please listen to Episode 130.

While we do go through some of the equipment needed and some of the regulations for sturgeon spearing, Trisha and I really go into detail on the culture and the event’s atmosphere. From Bloody Mary’s delivered to your shanty to bonfires on the lake to beer tents to Labrador Retrievers swimming beneath the ice from one shanty to the other…we’ve got it all.

By the end of this episode, you’ll be crazy excited to join us in 2018.



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9 thoughts on “#HuntFishTravel 182 – Fangirling over Sturgeon Spearing

  1. So cool to hear the passion for sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago told by two amazing ladies, Carrie Zylka and Trisha Steffen! So many stories yet to tell, especially when you both spear your first sturgeons! Thanks for helping promote Fond du Lac and the Lake Winnebago region for our great outdoors and especially the traditions of sturgeon spearing. Always look forward to having you back!

  2. Great episode as always.
    Thanks for being such an ambassador of the outdoors.

  3. The wife said we should join you next year.
    seriously considering it.

  4. My grandfather used to do this, thanks for bringing back some great memories.
    KEep up the good work.

  5. Great episode, you two made me laugh out loud. Sounds liek a great time.

  6. Where can I get one of those spears?
    I don’t actually want to go spearing even though you make it sound fun. I just want a spear in my rec room hahahaha

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