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An Outdoors Report from a Wisconsin Wild

Hello outdoors world!

Being mid January here in the brutal Northwood’s, I am sure most of us locked up inside our houses, sitting very close to our fireplaces (or heating vents for you city folk) just trying to stay warm. It has been an extra voracious winter here in Wisconsin, and most would think it crazy to want to venture outside for longer than it takes to get to your car, our worse case scenario, the mailbox. As I sit here writing this it is -20 wind chills! So what is it that makes it worth doing more? If you ask me lots of things will be getting me outdoors very soon. So I figured I would take this time to let you know of a few of the things that make Wisconsin, a sportsman’s paradise, even in the dead of winter. Continue reading An Outdoors Report from a Wisconsin Wild

Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones

Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones 007If the sign says no admittance, no trespassing, no access that means everyone. Including YOU!

I have noticed a disturbing trend this year – more and more people blatantly and blithely overlooking signage on both private and public lands that clearly states an area is closed or clearly states its intended usage. Continue reading Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones

Our Dwindling Public Lands

Hello outdoors world!! In this article I would like to talk about the disheartening occurrence that has affected a lot of hunters since the beginning of civilization. The loss of hunting land, and the loss of the traditions that go along with it. Unless you have been one of the lucky few whose family has owned the land that you hunt, you have probably had this happen to you.
Continue reading Our Dwindling Public Lands

Wading 101 – 7 Tips For Safe Wading

Whether it’s trout or bass you’re chasing, here are a few tips to make your freshwater wading experience a better one.

1. Plan your route.

2. Consider if wading is necessary. Wading alerts your presence to fish – would bank fishing be possible?

3. Keep your balance. If you lean into the current and suddenly lose your balance the
Continue reading Wading 101 – 7 Tips For Safe Wading