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Stumping 102 – Building the Perfect Arrow

Now that we have introduced stump shooting and addressed the merits of doing so, I thought it important to briefly discuss crafting the perfect arrow. Hurling a perfectly good arrow at targets sane people wouldn’t normally shoot is a unique practice that requires specialist’s tackle. It can be as simple as grinding the tip off a field point, or as complicated as footing a carbon arrow and using a Judo.

Throughout my years of enjoying the activity, I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t and would like to offer up the following pointers for anyone interested in this particular style. Read More

Stump Shooting 101

If I had to choose one archery-related activity to entertain me the rest of my life, it would be stump shooting and I write this without a speck of hesitation. I’ll never forget the first time my Dad and I tried it. We had been shooting at box targets for a month and decided it was time for something new. It felt natural to be in the woods with our bows. In fact, while he was at work, I recall spending an entire Saturday wandering around the woods behind the house and having my bow with me the entire time – just for grins. I didn’t even bring an arrow. The combination of longbow and nature just felt right. Read More

Staying the Course

Sometimes being a traditional bowhunter is truly difficult, especially when the temptation of the modern industry surrounds you. This has been true for me and I’m certain it’s even harder for those of you with compound roots that flirt with the former when your confidence takes a hit. Traditional archery has plenty of obstacles accompanied. Becoming proficient is a constant battle that requires patience and dedication. For this reason, not everyone is willing to stick with it. Read More

A Very Special “New Bow Day”

One of the most celebrated acronyms in all of bowhunting is “NBD”. Second only to “BBD” (Big Buck Down) in importance, these three letters will make even the heftiest of archers do cartwheels. Yup, there is no denying it, a “New Bow Day” is an event worthy of celebration. I’ve had several and every, single one of them was special. Read More

Vanes or Feathers for Traditional Archery

While I intended on finishing our broadhead conversation in this post, a discussion with a fellow bowhunter and aspiring traditionalist immediately threw me off course. He had just picked up a beautiful, vintage, fiberglass, Browning recurve and wanted to know if he could shoot vanes instead of feathers from it. He was an all-season, all-weather hunter and noticed that his feathers didn’t hold up well in those conditions. Plus, the majority of his arrows already had vanes on them and he didn’t feel like switching. Read More

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