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#HuntFishTravel 068 – Antler Growth and Organizing Your Trail Cam Photos with HuntForce

What are antlers? Why do they grow the way they do? What makes them big and sometimes gnarley? What the heck is “Velvet”?

All these questions are answered during this week’s episode where we sit down with President of HuntForce Jim White. We’ll talk Read More

Gear Review: 2014 PSE Dream Season DNA SP

2013 PSE Dream Season DNA was a very popular bow; they manufactured a new riser that was stronger and lighter but still managed to push the super-fast IBO speeds PSE is known for.

But for most of us, a smooth draw is what we really want, and as a woman, I don’t want to have to fight with what in my opinion was an overly aggressive cam. Read More

An Outdoors Report from a Wisconsin Wild

Hello outdoors world!

Being mid January here in the brutal Northwood’s, I am sure most of us locked up inside our houses, sitting very close to our fireplaces (or heating vents for you city folk) just trying to stay warm. It has been an extra voracious winter here in Wisconsin, and most would think it crazy to want to venture outside for longer than it takes to get to your car, our worse case scenario, the mailbox. As I sit here writing this it is -20 wind chills! So what is it that makes it worth doing more? If you ask me lots of things will be getting me outdoors very soon. So I figured I would take this time to let you know of a few of the things that make Wisconsin, a sportsman’s paradise, even in the dead of winter. Read More

Yet Another Sneaky Gun Grab Proposal from Illinois

Illinois policy makers force medical cannabis patients to choose between medication and firearm ownership.

Read More

Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones

Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones 007If the sign says no admittance, no trespassing, no access that means everyone. Including YOU!

I have noticed a disturbing trend this year – more and more people blatantly and blithely overlooking signage on both private and public lands that clearly states an area is closed or clearly states its intended usage. Read More

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