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Whitetails in Nebraska with Erin Diegel of Huntress View
#HuntFishTravel Ep 199 – Whitetails in Nebraska with Erin Diegel of Huntress View

How Erin Diegel of Huntress View went from being a pro golfer vegetarian to chasing whitetails with a bow.

“Whitetails in Nebraska with Erin Diegel of Huntress View”

Topics covered in this episode:

  • How they landed the 16,000 acre property they hunted.
    Costs to hunt in Nebraska.
  • How the Nebraska Ladies Hunt came about.
  • Erin has only been hunting for 5 years, she was a vegetarian who was never exposed to hunting or shooting, how her boyfriend exposed her to the outdoor culture.
  • How being a golf professional has helped her be a better archer.
  • How she became a writer.
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Pre-Season Scouting for the 2020 Archery Season by Carrie Zylka
Pre-Season Scouting for the 2020 Archery Season

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With the temperatures in Wisconsin finally dropping below 95, I decided it was time to get out there and find a suitable bow hunting spot. Yes, I know I’m late to the party, but COVID has really put quite the damper on things. Better late than never.

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Social Distancing for the Outdoorsman Carrie Zylka Hunt Fish Travel
10 Reasons Why Hunters And Fishermen Are Already Pro’s At “Social Distancing”

During the COVID-19 crisis it occurred to me that we, as hunters and fishermen, are already experts at social distancing.

Here in Wisconsin we have a “Safer at Home” order. Very different than a “Stay at Home” or “lockdown” order. We are still allowed to participate in outdoor activities as long as we follow regulations.

One could certainly argue that we are more “at Home” in the woods or on the water.

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