#HuntFishTravel – ATA 2020 Bonus Episodes

“HuntFishTravel – ATA 2018 Bonus Episodes”

Had a great time at the ATA show this year, here are four interviews I conducted while on the show floor. Stay tuned, we have more info for what’s coming up in 2018. You’re not going to want to miss it!

#HuntFishTravel 185 – ATA Wrap Up with Rut and River Pursuits, Archery Trade Association Convention

I’m back!!
And I’m starting 2018 off with ATA2018 convention coverage. Will, Ryan and Catfish join me for a solid hour of highs and lows, the crazy weather in Indianapolis, why attendance was down, why some media was denied entry to the show and then we jump into the products we loved, the products we didn’t and some experiences at the show.

#HuntFishTravel 167 – Arizona Mule Deer with Julie McQueen

“#HuntFishTravel 167 – Arizona Mule Deer with Julie McQueen” In this week’s episode Carrie Zylka is interviewing Julie McQueen. (Psst! Support the show by sharing this episode to facebook/twitter – thank you!!) Not only did she teach herself how to hunt, but she’s found her “Hunting Spirit State” in Arizona. Listen in as they chat […]

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