Author: Gretchen Steele

5 Strategies for Early Goose Season Success

Early season goose is often thought of by many hunters as the feast or famine season. Typically early goose season is designed to manage resident goose populations which in many states are far above population goals. It goes without saying that hunting early season geese presents a whole different set of challenges and strategies for […]

Kentucky Sandhill Cranes – Winter Wildlife Watching at Its Finest

Just this week our fearless leader, publisher, and editor CarrieZ did a great post about winter eagle watching opportunities in Kentucky. But eagles aren’t the only outstanding bird watching opportunity during the winter months in Kentucky. While Carrie was writing about the eagles, I was attending a sneak peek tour that was designed to give […]

Archery After Mastectomy – YOU CAN DO IT!

PREFACE: This isn’t meant to be a how to guide for returning to archery after mastectomy; because the mastectomy experience is intensely individual with individual and unique challenges. This is merely my experience and from that I hope that others can learn, find some help, and most of know that it is possible to return […]

Destination Review: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Five Reasons to Make Fond du Lac Your Late Summer Getaway The dog days of summer are upon us, and that finds many of us longing for one last late summer getaway. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, provides a great destination for anyone interested in the outdoors, plus plenty of activities for those in the family […]

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