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The inspiration for this blog came to me this morning as I was putting the house hold recycling containers out to the road side for the bi-weekly collection truck.  We all hear the message of “Do your part to preserve the environment for the future”.  Well this lesson seems to be strong in the youth of today, but seems to slip past the more mature.  Nothing is sadder to see, than a group on a passing boat throwing garbage overboard, or packages and wrappers from empty bait containers scattered along a great shore fishing bank.  Are we too lazy to carry out what we packed in?  After all you brought it out, used its contents, thus it should be easier to take back home?

I try to use every trip outdoors to teach some kind of message to my children.  One that gets talked about on almost every outing is “to tread lightly, always leave it cleaner than before we were there.”  This is not only a motto, but it helps keep the land owners respect and continued access to property.

Here is a little idea I use when packing for an outing.  Put a garbage bag in your tackle box or day pack.   It doesn’t have to be a full size, re-use the plastic grocery bags from the store. It doesn’t take up very much room and you can squeeze one in an extra pocket.  Fill it up on your way out, or on your way in and leave it to be picked up on your trip back out to your vehicle.  I leave mine at the farms garbage bin at the end of his drive way.  Empty waterfowl shells bobbing up and down in the water is a great site, but grab them before they sink!

At the end of the day just stop and think, would I like to sleep in my own garbage?  The wildlife we pursue deserves respect and a clean environment.  Would you want to eat your catch from a toxic oil dump?

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5 thoughts on “Walk In, Trash Out – The Canadian Outdoorsman

  1. Amen! I always have an extra bag in my pack for carting trash that others have left. Always makes me a little angry that I have to clean up behind such thoughtless folks.

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