#HuntFishTravel 166 – Texas – Hunting Whitetails with Austin Smith

“#HuntFishTravel 166 – Hunting Whitetails in Texas with Austin Smith”

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In this episode Carrie and Austin chat about hunting in Texas, public and private as well as the differences between the regions.

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  • 01:00 why you should hunt Texas compared to other states
  • 03:30 bad experience with ground blind
  • 04:30 public and private land by region
  • 09:00 Outfitter recommendations
  • 14:00 clearing land and cutting lanes
  • 16:00 seasons and license costs
  • 21:00 #1 tip Austin gives to a non-resident coming to Texas to hunt
  • 23:00 about Austin, his upcoming show and the social media channels where you can find him.
  • Twitter: @Etx_Outdoors_AS

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