#HuntFishTravel Ep233 – Curt McAllister talks Toyota and the Outdoor Initiative

#HuntFishTravel Ep233 - Curt McAllister talks Toyota and the Outdoor Initiative

Curt McAllister, the Midwest Public Relations Manager at Toyota Motor North America, recently discussed various aspects of Toyota’s involvement in the outdoor industry. Covering 14 states in the South from Tennessee to the West Dakotas, Curt oversees the Outdoor Communications at the national level and is a key figure in the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.

During the discussion, Curt highlighted Toyota’s commitment to giving back to the outdoors, exemplified by their sponsorship of events like Bass Masters, Major League Fishing, and support for environmental projects. Toyota’s involvement extends to funding initiatives like the Bison Project with the Sioux tribe and sponsoring National Public Lands Day for 25 years.

As an Executive Board Member of Aglow, a scholarship program started nine years ago, Curt emphasized the importance of attracting younger members to keep the organization vibrant. The Toyota Let’s Go Places scholarships program, part of Aglow, covers travel, registration, and first-year membership, offering mentorship and job assistance.

The conversation also delved into Toyota’s vehicles, such as the Sequoia twin turbo V6 Hybrid and the upcoming Land Cruiser designed for off-road adventures. Curt addressed the issue of high pricing, attributing it to inflation and emphasizing Toyota’s disapproval of price padding by dealers.

In terms of initiatives, Toyota sponsors Bass Masters, has a fishing team as part of NASCAR, and actively contributes to environmental sustaining goals, focusing on pollinators and supporting habitats for butterflies, bees, and bats in 13 states. The Bison Project, managed by Native Americans, stands out as the largest of its kind.

Throughout the discussion, Curt emphasized Toyota’s commitment to a family environment and respect for the earth, aligning with their overarching goal of contributing positively to both the automotive and outdoor communities.


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