#HuntFishTravel 132 – Hunting Mule Deer in Montana and General Archery Talk with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery

“#HuntFishTravel Montana – Hunting Mule Deer and General Archery Talk with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery”

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In this episode Carrie Zylka sits down with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery, he tells his Montana Mule Deer story, how Bohning came to be, archery events coming up and the state of the archery industry.

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  • 1:15 Introduction to Greg Misner
  • 5:30 Bohning Archery Past, present & future 
  • 7:30 Why Greg chose Montana for his Mule Deer hunt  
  • 13:00 Non-Resident costs  
  • 15:00 Bowcast at the Bird and Total Archery Challenge  
  • 18:00 Oppurtunities to grow the sport of archery  
  • 20:00 New and secret Bohning products  
  • 23:00 How we are the biggest obstacles to our sport  
  • 25:30 What new things in the archery industry is tripping Greg’s trigger  
  • 27:30 Upcoming events for Bohning
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