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Building Wood Duck Boxes

The Wood Duck is one of North Americas most colorful waterfowl, its scientific name of (Aix Sponsa) translates into “water bird in bridal dress“.  These beautiful bright colored ducks nest in old growth timber found along river bottoms, beaver ponds and marsh lands.  They like to nest in natural tree cavities and abandoned wood pecker holes, with in close access to water to brood their young.  Read More

Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones

Refuges, Rest Areas, and Restricted Zones 007If the sign says no admittance, no trespassing, no access that means everyone. Including YOU!

I have noticed a disturbing trend this year – more and more people blatantly and blithely overlooking signage on both private and public lands that clearly states an area is closed or clearly states its intended usage. Read More

Walk In, Trash Out – The Canadian Outdoorsman

The inspiration for this blog came to me this morning as I was putting the house hold recycling containers out to the road side for the bi-weekly collection truck.  We all hear the message of “Do your part to preserve the environment for the future”.  Well this lesson seems to be strong in the youth of today, but seems to slip past the more mature.  Nothing is sadder to see, than a group on a passing boat throwing garbage overboard, or packages and wrappers from empty bait containers scattered along a great shore fishing bank.  Are we too lazy to carry out what we packed in?  After all you brought it out, used its contents, thus it should be easier to take back home?
Read More

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