Product Review: Fuse Products Mossy Oak Portable GPS Case

As modern hunters in a high tech world, I am sure a lot of us have a hand held GPS units that we carry when venturing into the wilderness.  The handheld GPS is arguably one of the most influential innovations in the hunting industry.  It has single handedly change the way we hunt.  With all the good things that this technological marvel has brought us, it has its drawn backs.

I have owned a few GPS units over the years.  My first one had a lanyard attached to it.   While making my way through some thick brush, the lanyard broke and unnoticed, I lost my GPS, never to be seen again.  Since then I do not trust my lanyards so I put them in the inside pocket of my coat.  That worked great! This kept the unit warm, dry and working great.  Unfortunately when I want to use it I must unzip my jacket and fish it out.  Such a pain if you ask me.  Especially in subzero weather!

A couple months ago I was looking at some online shopping websites and I happen to find the website for Fuse.  I was entertained by the fact that they now have a huge line of camo products including cellphone cases, headphones, chargers, pretty much anything mobile electronics.   And everyone that knows me; knows my favorite color is camo! I ran across their Mossy Oak Portable GPS Case.  I saw this and immediately thought of all the headaches I have had trying to deal with my handheld GPS.  I had to try it.

Fuse Products Mossy Oak Portable GPS Case 001I got it in the mail just in time for late season archery hunting.  Now it was especially brutal here during the late season hunt, but the case worked like a dream.  It attaches to your pants in two ways.  It has an extra large belt loop on the back so you can attach it to your belt, plus it has a convenient clip so you can clip it to your belt loop.  I thought “hey if one fails the other might catch it”.  Through all the beatings it took while I charged through the brush, the case came out without a scratch.  Wish I could say the same for myself.  Dam buckthorne!

After seeing how well it worked there, and considering the size of the case, I decided to see how well it would work with my IPhone.  Through this winter, every time I went ice fishing I would strap on my Fuse GPS case and put my phone in there.  Through rain and snow, brutal cold and sunny days, my fragile and expensive phone stayed dry and protected.

With a small, compact design it measures 6 inches long, 3 inches wide and almost 2 inches think when full, it will fit most models of handheld GPS.  It has a zipper pocket that seals up nicely and is fairly quiet when opening and closing it in the quiet of the woods.  With a belt clip and a carabiner, it holds tight to your belt and gives you more options on how to carry it.  This model comes in Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo which will blend in nicely with your camo when in the woods.

This definitely makes my “Would buy again” list.   At only $20, it is well worth it for that added protection to your valuable devices.  You can find the whole line of Fuse products at Can not wait to check out some more products on their website such as those Mossy Oak headphones to help drown out the sounds of screaming kids from the back seat, or whatever purpose you use your headphones for.  So with that said here is my break down of the product.

Product Rating

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Overall Rating: 4 It is not the next best thing in outdoors, it does not have all the bells and whistles, but it is a great product for what it is.

MSRP: 4 at $20 you could do a lot worse.  Paid for itself with a lost, broken, or waterlogged GPS.  I am hard on equipment.

Performance: 5 It did what it had to do without issue.

Ease of Use: 5 I was able to attach it to my belt and forget it.  It was not bulky it did not hinder my progress through the thickest brush and stayed put.

Versatility: 5 Not just a great item if you have a GPS, I used it for other things I wanted to keep out of the weather such as my cell phone and camera equipment.

Other uses: 5 It was an extra pocket that was weather resistant.  And as every hunter knows an extra pocket can come in handy.  Especially one that will help keep important things dry, and accessed quickly.

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