#HuntFishTravel 167 – Arizona Mule Deer with Julie McQueen

“#HuntFishTravel 167 – Arizona Mule Deer with Julie McQueen”

In this week’s episode Carrie Zylka is interviewing Julie McQueen.

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Not only did she teach herself how to hunt, but she’s found her “Hunting Spirit State” in Arizona. Listen in as they chat about bowhunting mule deer in Arizona, how women in the industry have each other’s back, working in the outdoor industry and making the transition from network tv to a 100% streaming on demand network.

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  • 01:30 Girls weekend with Jana Waller
  • 03:30 Why Julie loves to hunt Arizona
  • 04:30 Hunting public land in Arizona
  • 06:00 Regional differences across the state.
  • 08:45 Hunting with a cameraman and self filming
  • 13:00 Back Stage & Back Roads Productions
  • 14:15 The secret to making a living in the outdoor industry.
  • 16:05 Other states Julie has hunted mule deer in
  • 18:40 Arizona hunting non-Resident costs and considerations
  • 20:30 Tips for the hunter heading to Arizona to bowhunt
  • 23:00 Fitness and hunting synergy
  • 24:10 Julie’s unique start in the hunting world
  • 27:10 Till Death Do Us Part on CarbonTV
  • 34:00 Where you can find Julie and her show
  • 36:00 Julie’s final words of encouragement for anyone thinking about hunting Arizona.


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