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Gear Review: Remington 783

Welcome back outdoors world, thank you for stopping back to The Willes Way! If you look back at an article I wrote early last year, “Rifle Shopping for the Average Joe“, you know after my research, I purchased a Remington Arms Model 783 7mm. I had high expectations for this gun, all I needed was some time in the woods with this firearm to confirm I’d made the right choice. Here is what I learned.

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The Day I Wished I Carried A Gun…

The Day I Wished I Carried A Gun…and my five biggest take aways from this experience.


It all started innocently enough. In early December I was in Indiana for work, it was a Wednesday night and I was sitting in my hotel room surfing the tv channels. My stomach started growling so I thought I would walk over to one of the nearby restaurants. Continue reading The Day I Wished I Carried A Gun…