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Utah: What Hunters Should Know for 2022 Deer and Elk Hunts
Utah: What Hunters Should Know for 2022 Deer and Elk Hunts

SALT LAKE CITY — Several years of ongoing drought conditions have impacted mule deer populations across the state. Here are a few things people hunting deer and elk in Utah this fall should know.

Drought impacts deer by decreasing their body fat (because there are fewer plants and available food sources on the landscape). If the does have poor body fat and nutrition, it leads to smaller fawns, and those fawns have a decreased chance of surviving. If an adult deer has too little body fat at the beginning of the winter — especially a severe winter — it will often not survive the winter months. Recent deer research, conducted in Utah, has shown that the amount of fat deer have going into the winter has more of an impact on their likelihood to survive than the conditions and severity of the winter itself. Read More

Winchester Repeating Arms Wildcat by Carrie Zylka
Press Release: Winchester Repeating Arms Wildcat SR (Suppressor Ready)

The ultra-reliable rimfire that purrs like a kitten… Read More

Review of the GunWatcher Website

Hello outdoors world!

For this segment I was asked to check out and review the website GUNWATCHER. With the explosion of the firearms market in recent years, there has been a serious increase in the number of websites dedicated to firearms sales. Needless to say I did not have high expectations as I have looked at several while shopping for my latest deer rifle, and found most of them to be useless and I really did not like using them. I thought they had too much going on on most of the page making them kind of hard to spend a lot of time on. I have always been a more hands on buyer, so that did not help. Read More

8 Reasons You Should Own a Reloading Kit

What is the more cost effective option: buying ammo in bulk or reloading? In times of ammo shortages, reloading seems like the most cost-effective means of getting ammo. However, when ammo is in plenty, reloading can seem like a chore.

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Gear Review: Remington 783

Welcome back outdoors world, thank you for stopping by! If you look back at an article I wrote early last year, you know after my research, I purchased a Remington Arms Model 783 7mm. I had high expectations for this gun, all I needed was some time in the woods with this firearm to confirm I’d made the right choice. Here is what I learned.

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