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I admit it – I am a budget minded shopper. From cars to homes, when it comes to big ticket items, I am a tireless negotiator who will argue, discuss, cajole, and sometimes whine in order to receive the best deal.

While some products are inarguable worth every penny spent, I have – at times – had to remind the “offended” seller/vendor that my need to negotiate for a lower price is nothing personal, it is just good business. After all, my money spends just as well in my pocket as it will in someone else’s.

It is this mind-set that made me jump at the opportunity to complete a product review for Gun Watcher. Upon discovering that I was to review a website that could launch me into a world where negotiating is not only acceptable but expected, well – you can imagine how thrilled I was to give it a try.

Gun Watcher is a website that does just as its name implies. It is a website that compiles weapons of every model and size, and then provides you with a link to where you can go to negotiate a deal. From fully automatic “Class 3” weapons to handguns designed for home defense, it is all there. Not only does Gun Watcher open the channel for negotiating for weaponry, it also opens the door for you to find the best prices for ammo and accessories that you might need.

Historically, I have enjoyed a love – hate relationship with weapons. I love them and wish that I had more of them however; I hate the hefty price tag that keeps my coveted WMD just out of my reach. Like Tantalus forever grasping for delicacies that he will never taste, I am constantly looking and searching for the perfect rifle that I cannot afford to own. Gun Watcher gives me the opportunity to negotiate a deal for the perfect weapon at the perfect price.

I took the website for a spin and was impressed with its clean lines and ease of use. This website is not designed for multi-purpose use. In other words, you will not be able to shop for dish towels, your daughter’s prom dress, or a book while waiting to see if you outbid “John Doe” for a thousand rounds of .223 – this is not E-Bay. This is a website designed specifically for the gun enthusiast.

What happens if you are outbid? Well, you will not be down for too long. There are many other models to choose from that will catch your eye as well as sooth your wallet. If I were to rate Gun Watcher between 1 and 5 (with 5 being the best) – I would give it a 5.

Whether you are seriously shopping or are just browsing to see what the market is yielding, I invite you to take a look at Gun Watcher ( to see for yourself.

I hope you found this product review to be informative and useful.

Product Rating

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Overall Rating:  5

MSRP 5 – This is a website designed to locate weapons, ammo, and accessories. Prices vary according to bid outcome.

Performance 5 – The website provides a vast array of weapons to choose from without bogging down while you surf through its selections.

Versatility 5 – Gun Watcher is a topic specific website. Its links to dealers/sellers are streamlined to quickly reach your goal without becoming lost.

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