Author: Fay Walker

Service Review: Gun Watcher – Locate and Negotiate!

North Florida                                 COORDINATES XY: Anywhere, Florida I admit it – I am a budget minded shopper. From cars to homes, when it comes to big ticket items, I am a tireless negotiator who will argue, discuss, cajole, and sometimes whine in order […]

Kayak Fishing: Finding the Perfect Fish Friendly Kayak

Withlacoochee River – North Florida     Coordinates XY: 30.464334, -83.224044 I have always been a passionate outdoor woman. This being said, there are some things I enjoy more than others: Fishing being one of them. During my “formative” years, I had heard that the best fishing occurred off shore – yes, that nebulous, mystical […]

Smoke’m If You Got’m: Taking the Anxiety out of Maintaining your Muzzle Loader

North Florida       COORDINATES XY: Anywhere, Florida I have noticed that it is not uncommon for women to act a bit shy of firing the muzzle loader (black powder). The kick-back; the smoke; the maintenance, and the effort it takes to reload can be a bit intimidating. While my preference is to hunt primitive, I must admit […]

Florida: Where Everything Bites – A Quick Look at Venomous Snakes in Florida

By: Fay Walker There exists a dark underbelly in Mickey Mouse Land. Yes – in Florida, everything bites. From sunburn to stinging nettles, biting flies, ticks, insects, and snakes; Florida is home to a variety of flora and fauna that can cause anything from uncomfortable rashes to life threatening illnesses. Ticks, spiders, and snakes are […]

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