Surf and Turf – The Wisconsin Way

Recently I had a lively conversation with Pro Angler Jon Reznak who lives here in Wisconsin.  I told him that one of my fondest memories was the first years of hunting with my dad.

My dad had a conversion van that we’d sleep in, we’d hunt the State Natural Areas during the day during the 9 day gun season and then head over to the Prairie Du Sauk dam after dinner to try our hand at walleyes.

For whatever reason, November was an excellent time to hammer those marble eyes.  We’d always limit out.

I used the same little grey minnow plastic bait year after year, and they were the cat’s meow to these hungry fish.

Surf and Turf the Wisconsin Way 002It occurred to me that back in those days we’d missed a great opportunity for Surf & Turf.

Venison backstraps and walleye filets.

Can you say “YUM”???

It got me to thinking, what other types of “turf” would go well with “surf”?

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