Season 5 of His & Hers Outdoors TV to Premier on the Pursuit Channel

His and Hers Outdoors TV Season 5 Press Release Promo

It is well known that I don’t care for most hunting tv shows out there.  I don’t care for the phoniness, or the high fence kills made to look like public land, I don’t care for the chest thumping and the egos and I definitely do not care for the “Good ‘ol Boys Club” mentality.

But I do watch a handful of hunting shows that have proven over time to produce exceptional content.  His & Hers TV is one of them.  I highly recommend you check them out this season.  ~CarrieZ

Contact Information:
His & Hers Outdoors TV
Jon Sissney – Host
His & Hers Outdoors Announces Premier of Season 5

Oklahoma City, OK – His & Hers Outdoors is proud to announce the premier of Season 5 on the Pursuit Channel.

His & Hers Outdoors will be airing on the Pursuit Channel Sunday mornings at 9 AM EST, 8 AM CST, beginning January 4, 2015.

Follow along as Jon and Stacy Sissney, as well as the His & Hers Team pursues big game across North America.

Real Families, Real Lives and Real Hunting is more than a tag line, it’s what this team is all about. His & Hers Outdoors will be presented to you by Hawke Sport Optics. The team is pleased to be partnering with Oklahoma Station Safari Club International to bring conservation awareness and education with a tip of the week. And H & H Shooting Sports has joined the family of partners again for the fifth year. All in all, it is going to be an exciting season.

His & Hers Outdoors
11620 E Post Oak RD
Noble, OK 73068

His and Hers Outdoors TV Season 5 Press Release Promo

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