Gear Review: Slumperseats Simple 16

Slumper SeatsLast summer as I was hanging treestands and preparing for the upcoming archery season I noticed that most or all of my treestand seat cushions were wore out.  I needed to purchase some new ones from the stand manufacturer but my esteemed colleague Carrie Zylka told me about Slumperseats.  After doing a little research I decided to give them a try and I can tell you that I was not disappointed.

This seat cushion measures in at 16x12x4 inches.  Folks, it is 4 inches thick.  I’ve personally never seen another tree stand seat cushion that is that thick and with that cushion, comfort is no longer an issue. Now the other two dimensions of this seat can create some challenges.  It is much larger than the manufacturer’s cushions that were provided with the stands that I used this on.  These run of the mill stands such as Big Game Treestands Boss Lite were built for a smaller seat cushion and therefore the thickness and size of the Simple 16 prevents you from lifting the seat up if you want it out of the way so that you can stand up on the tree stand.  I didn’t find this to be a problem since I tend to just leave it down.  In my opinion, less movement is better.

This cushion is also made with ultra-quiet material and comes with straps that are plenty long enough to use as backpack straps for carrying into your hunting setup or for mounting to any tree stand including the largest out there.

It is safe to say that this seat cushion is the best on the market.  It doesn’t make noise, it is the ultimate in tree stand comfort, and is extremely affordable.  It is, however, expensive enough that I chose not to leave on a specific stand or buy enough for all of my stands.  I decided it was more in my budget to purchase just one for me and one for which ever kid happens to be along that day.  Carrying the extra 15 ounces can be a hindrance and it is one more thing that you have to remember to bring along but I have made it all season without forgetting it.

I highly recommend that anyone that sits in a tree stand check one of these out!

My slumperseat next to my worn out Big Game Treestand seat.
My slumperseat next to my worn out Big Game Treestand seat.
Slumperseat next to an old Gorilla treestand seat.
Slumperseat next to an old Gorilla treestand seat.

Product Rating

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Overall Rating: 5

MSRP:  $27.99

Performance: Very good

Ease of Use:  Excellent, just strap it to your tree stand and sit down

Versatility:  Excellent, will work on almost any stand, chair, or just use it on the ground.

Durability:  30 bowhunting sits so far this year and not a sign of wear.

Improvements to be made:  Since I tend to be hard on things and plastic doesn’t always survive the cold the best, I wish the plastic buckles were brass or steel.

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