Gear Review: EcoTrek Fitness Bars

EcoTrek Fitness Whole Food Bars where developed to contain high quality ingredients, with no refined sugars or added sweeteners. Based around whole green foods they claim to be “wholesome, delicious bars with a tastier alternative to the typical health bar.“

I tried these bars on a morning duck hunt when I was starting to drag and getting a chill after a long walk back into the marsh carrying all my gear and setting up the decoys. What a surprise, when there was favour and great texture to these bars. It picked me up, curved my hunger and warmed me up allowing me to enjoy the rest of my hunt, giving me energy to make that walk back out of the marsh. I think my wife described it best; here is what she had to say.

“Oh my goodness, this bar is absolutely amazing. It could have had a bit more peanut flavor…. But other than that great. I had taken out my water bottle in preparation to eating it, usually I need to drink when I eat bars like that, but I was surprised I didn’t need any water at all. Great texture, enough chew to satisfy, but not so much that you chew forever. I kept checking the label to make sure it was actually good for me! Love the fiber and protein content. Trying all the other flavors will be enjoyable.“

Product Rating

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Overall Rating: 5

MSRP: online shopping $14.00 per box containing 6 bars and includes shipping! Available at Meijer’s in the breakfast food aisles for $2.29 each.

Performance: these bars are tasty, not salty, satisfied my hunger and gave me the boost I needed to finish my hunt, hike or time on the water. Great flavour throughout the bar, even distribution of primary ingredients (no lumps or lack of grains and fruit)

Ease of Use: grab and go for a busy lifestyle, fits in your pocket, now if the wrapper where biodegradable that would be super cool and earth friendly!

Features: Non-dairy, 10g of protein and 100% natural

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