Hello Spring

Hello Spring - Carrie Zylka Hun Fish Travel Podcast

To say 2020 was rough would be an understatement.

I thought 2021 would be better, I mean how could it be worse?

How wrong I was.

After a few nasty bumps in January and February things were looking up.

And then March 4, 2021 my dad passed away. I’m working on a more in depth article and podcast episode sharing fun stories and wonderful memories as well as honest thoughts about our relationship. An “Ode to the man who inspired me to hunt and fish” if you will. But it’s been a rather difficult process.

We were in a great place when he passed, which I’m so glad for, and I will definitely miss him.

That aside, as I was going through photos for that post I came across two of my favorite ones from last year.

This winter was a long one, despite purchasing a beautiful flip over ice shanty, I only got out onto the ice a couple of times. And for some reason, the less time spent outside, made the winter that much longer.

My heart soared as I came across these two photos from last year. I’d found this great little campground about an hour north of me, the river was muddy and slow but the sunrise…the sunrise over the water was spectacular.

Carrie Zylka Camping on a Wisconsin River  - Hunt Fish Travel Podcast

There’s nothing better than waking up to a cold morning, and the sun is rising over the water and the thermals are perfect.

It wasn’t hard to sit and wait for the sun to rise. I waited patiently for that brilliant golden orb to slowly ascend. And then it was perfect.

It seems to me that the coffee is always tastier, the sleeping bag always comfier, the campfire always warmer while camping.

I’m in my basement office as I write this, outside the finches are devouring my bird seed, the grass is struggling to wake up, and I’m dreaming of summer camping trips.


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