#HuntFishTravel 112 – Trail Cameras 101

“#HuntFishTravel 112 – Trail Cameras 101”.

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Who doesn’t love trail cameras? But using them successfully can be a challenge. Carrie is chatting with Boyd Barnett and he’s going to run the gamut when it comes to how to set up, where to set up and how to not get your trail camera stolen.

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  • 0:35 Practical Applications for using a trail camera
  • 4:30 Where to place the cameras on the property
  • 7:20 Setting the Camera over a rub
  • 9:15 how far off the trail should the camera be placed
  • 11:25 does the type of tree matter?
  • 13:35 How often should I check the trail camera?
  • 17:40 how to keep you trail camera from getting stolen
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