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DIY European Mount
Step by Step DIY European Mount

Taxidermy is a great way of displaying your trophies once you have been lucky enough to harvest an animal. There are several ways that you can mount your trophy that all have different appeals. One way that I have started mounting my trophies is to do a European mount. A European mount is a classy way to mount your trophy that is an alternative to the classic shoulder mount.
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Treating Water In The Back Country

Anyone who has done any backpack hunting knows that the lighter their pack, the more efficient they will be. There are many things you can put in your pack to help you out on a hunt. The one item you absolutely must have is water and plenty of it. Read More

How to Bone Out an Elk

Going into the 2014 hunting season marked my 20th year of elk hunting. My elk hunting debut happened the fall after I turned 16. My uncle and I had just gotten our drivers licenses so we begged my dad to let us use the jeep so we could go hunting. Whether it was the lack of confidence in us actually killing anything or just to get us out of his hair he let us take the jeep. Read More

Logan Peak Trail Race

One of the most important aspects of hunting out west is to be in fairly reasonable shape. You don’t need to be a star athlete, but the better shape you are in will lead to a more enjoyable hunt. The main thing that I do to stay in shape is to run. I have competed in several local races in the past with the longest being the half marathon. At he first of the year I sat down and tried to come up with a schedule of races is would like to do this year. Read More

Gear review: HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra Series, Model DS-XL5519

As of to date I have been shooting archery for over 30 years. In that 30 plus yeas I have gone through numerous gear changes. I am kind f a gear nut and love to try new things. The one thing that has never changed is I have always shot a multi pin sight. I started out with 3 pins, then went to 5, and the went to a 7.  This improved my long range shooting but I also started to clutter up my sight picture.  I needed something a little simpler that would give me the accuracy and durability that I demand. Read More

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