When Does the “Hunt” begin?

Guest Blog John Buchin: When Does the Hunt begin 1It’s mid summer, and a few of us are enjoying summertime activities such as fishing, Picnics, beach going, etc.  Some of us have already put in “springtime” food plots, and are prepping for the “fall plots.”  Mineral sites established, Trail cameras set (and checked).
Some of us that are heavily into archery have been regularly going to 3D shoots, others gathering shooting buddies in the backyard, or “stumping” in the local woodlot.

New arrows, broadheads, wraps, fletchings.  Maybe a new bow.Guest Blog John Buchin: When Does the Hunt begin 2

Practice sessions for some of us by now are getting fairly serious,  striving for perfect form, release, etc, regardless if you hunt with traditional equipment, or modern equipment.  As we sharpen our skills, we watch our quarry, be it whitetails, elk, muleys, etc caught on the trail cameras, and develop “hit lists”.

I ask a lot of us in the hunting community “When does the “HUNT” begin?”

Most of the time the response is usually a opening season date, give or take a few days, or when deer camp is, etc.

I say, for most of us, the “HUNT” never really ends.
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